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  • Move around with the mouse or arrow keys.
  • Encountering POG kids will force you to battle them.
    • You will both ante up your POGs based on whoever has the least. If you have 10 and your opponent has 7, you'll both put in 7.
    • Press SPACE to throw your slammer at the pile of POGs. For expedience, you keep all the heads-up ones, and your opponent keeps all the heads-down ones.
    • Upgrade your Slammer or time your throw just right to improve you odds.
  • Collect POGs and Slammers in the mall. POGs are stars, Slammers are filled circles.
    • Your Slammer power will only increase if the Slammer you find happens to be stronger than your current Slammer.

This game is super unfinished! I have vague plans to add other kinds of kids, like a Virtual Pet Kid and a Media Hipster Kid. I also have plans to make POGs more collectible, and to give Slammers unique, special powers - some of which can be used in field. Oh also it would be nice if the Mall actually looked like a Mall with storefronts, counters, cashiers, merchandise, and decor. Ha ha, oh well!

In the mean time, enjoy this retro POG simulator.

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Published 9 days ago
Tagspogs, Retro, Roguelike


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Huh. Okay I changed it to a .zip. Should work now.

"There should be 'mallrogue_Data'
folder next to the executable" - Windows 10